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NiSALS is the short version of Neuroimaging Society in ALS. The NiSALS process was started by Martin Turner in 2010 when he invited neuroimaging scientists from all over the world to Oxford. The meeting was very successful, and a second meeting was organized by Julian Grosskreutz in Jena, Germany, in 2011, with a focus on methodologies. For 2012, Michael Benatar has organized the 3rd NiSALS meeting in Miami, Florida. In 2013, Massimo Filippi has invited the NiSALS community to Milan, and Philip van Damme has hosted the 5th NiSALS meeting in Leuven, Belgium. In 2015, Senda Ajroud-Driss from Chicago has taken on organizing the 6th NiSALS Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

The present NiSALS website has been set up to provide an interactive platform for research centers specializing in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Neuroimaging research. Suffering from a deadly and rapidly progressing disease, ALS patients and their families provide MRI data to find a better diagnostic tool and a better disease marker. They expect researchers to gather more insights into the causes of a terrifying disease, and thus help to develop effective therapies in the future. Until today, it is very difficult to analyze MRI data from many different centers. NISALS aims to fill this gap and provide quality controlled MRI data for the international scientific community from countries all over the world.

To that goal, NiSALS as of 2015 receives basic funding from charities and patient organizations (ie. the MNDA in the UK, the Dt. Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke DGM in Germany and the Netherlands ALS foundation) and is striving to raise independent funding on a continuous basis. NiSALS collaborates with national (MND-ALS.NET in Germany, the MNDA in the UK, ALSA in the U.S.) and international networks of ALS researchers (i.e. World Federation of Neurology ALS/MND Group and the European Network for the Cure of ALS (ENCALS). The European Joint Programming for Neurodegenerative Diseases funded SOPHIA has provided funding for basic instrumentation help standardize and harmonize data collection.

We invite You to explore the NiSALS process through this website, contact the involved people and learn about the progress of collaborative neuroimaging in ALS.

Julian Grosskreutz, on behalf of the NiSALS steering comittee.


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