4th NISALS 2013 Milano


4th Annual NeuroImaging Symposium in ALS

December 9th (full day) and 10th (half day), 2013

The 4th Annual NISALS Meeting convened in Milano, Italy, after the yearly International Scientific Symposium on ALS/MND in Milano. It was hosted by Massimo Filippi.

NHOW Hotel, Via Tortona 35, 20144 Milano


4th Annual NeuroImaging Symposium in ALS

Monday, December 9th                                         
09.00-9.15  Welcome – Massimo Filippi, Milan, Italy                                   
  Chair: Martin Turner, Oxford, UK                                   
09.15-10.00  Neuroimaging biomarkers in multiple sclerosis. Maria Assunta Rocca, Milan, Italy                             
10.00-10.45  What can ALS learn from neuroimaging biomarkers in other neurodegenerative disorders? Massimo Filippi, Milan, Italy                      
10.45-11.00  Discussion                                       
11.00-11.30  Coffee Break                                       
  Chair: Julian Grosskreutz, Jena, Germany                                   
11.30-12.00 The clinical correlation gap in ALS neuroimaging – Why? Does it matter? Esther Verstraete, Utrecht, The Netherlands                       
12.00-12.20 Are we on the verge of an MRS Renaissance? Sanjay Kalra, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada                           
12.20-12.45  Discussion                                       
12.45-14.00  Light lunch                                      
  Chair: Jan Kassubek, Ulm, Germany                                   
14.00-14.20 Basal ganlia changes in ALS. Peter Bede, Dublin, Ireland                               
14.20-14.40 MTR – a forgotten sequence in ALS? Nicola De Stefano, Siena, Italy                               
14.40-15.00 Task-dependent versus task-free FMRI in ALS. Federica Agosta, Milan, Italy                             
15.00-15.20 Can MEG add value to ALS neuroimaging? Malcolm Proudfoot, Oxford, UK                               
15.20-15.40 What is new in ALS PET? Flavio Nobili, Genoa, Italy                                 
15.40-16.00 Discussion                                       
16.00-16.30 Afternoon tea                                       
16.30-18.15 Selected oral communications (each 10 minute +5).                                  
  Chair: Michael Benatar, Miami, Florida, USA                                 
16.30-16.45 Diagnostic and prognostic value of FDG PET in ALS. K Van Laere, A Vanhee, J Verschueren, L De Coster, A Driesen, P Dupont, W Robberecht, P Van Damme.                   
16.45-17.00 The diagnostic value of diffusion tensor MRI metrics in relation to the MND phenotype heterogeneity. EG Spinelli, F Agosta, N Riva, M Copetti, S Galantucci, A Chiò, S Messina, S Iannaccone, A Calvo, V Silani, A Falini, G Comi, M Filippi.         
17.00-17.15 Using DTI to explore circuits for pseudobulbar affect in motor neuron disorders. A Meoded, R Katipally, M Pasmantier, MK Floeter.                       
17.15-17.30 DTI and Tractography of the Cervical Spinal Cord in PLS and HSP Patients. A Meoded, O Schanz, J Sarlls, R Roda, C Blackstone, C Pierpaoli, MK Floeter.                   
17.30-17.45 Can we pool DTI metrics from different MR-protocols? A methodological approach in ALS. HP Müller, J Rosskopf, M Gorges, AC Ludolph, J Kassubek.                   
17.45-18.00 Magnetic resonance imaging brachial plexus alterations in ALS patients. S Gerevini, F Agosta, EG Spinelli, N Riva, E Pagani, A Falini, G Comi, M Filippi.                   
18:00-18:15 Additional resources and the default mode network in intrinsic functional connectivity fMRI: evidence of increased connectivity and decreased white matter integrity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. J Heimrath, M Gorges, J Kassubek, H-P Müller, N Birbaumer, AC Ludolph, D Lulé                  
20.00   Dinner                                      

Tuesday, December 10th 

  Chair: Massimo Filippi, Milan, Italy                                   
09.00-10.30 NiSALS Governance Discussion                                   
10.30-11.00  Coffee Break                                      
11.00-12.30 NiSALS Ongoing Projects                                     
11:00-11:10 The Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural ALS Screen: European Study. Sharon Abrahams, Edinburgh, UK                                      
11:10-11:20 The Italian validation of the Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural ALS Screen (ECAS). B Poletti, F Solca, L Carelli, A Lafronza, N Ticozzi, A Ratti, C Tiloca, D Calini, C Morelli, S Messina, A Doretti, S Abrahams, V Silani, Milan, Italy                        
11:20-11:30 Functionality and requirements for the NISALS website and repository. Julian Großkreutz, Jena, Germany                                       
11:30-11:40 ALS-specific factors in imaging multicenter studies. Jan Kassubek, Ulm, Germany                             
11:40-11:50 Longitudinal DTI changes in an ALS cohort. Robert Welsh, Ann Arbor, MI, USA                                      
  Other projects                                     
12.30-13.00  Closing Remarks                                    

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