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Presently, the NISALS Consortium has a Steering Comittee which has been formally elected in December 2013 in Miami.

This board has been trusted with the development of the governance structure and formulation of bylaws which will govern NISALS,

The members are:

Martin Turner, Oxford, UK

Julian Grosskreutz, Jena, Germany

Bradley Foerster, Ann Arbor, USA

Michael Benatar, Miami, USA

Massimo Filippi, Milano, Italy

For the NISALS website, please contact

PD Dr. med. Julian Grosskreutz
Head of the Neuromuscular and ALS Unit
Hans-Berger-Department of Neurology
University Hospital Jena
Erlanger Allee 101
07747 Jena, Germany


The NISALS Consortium is a loose association of people sharing a common interest. The information on this website does not claim to be correct, does not constitute any legally binding information and may be wrong to the point of being completely false. The NISALS website does not necessarily contain up to date information, and associations of members and sites may no longer be valid when You read these pages.

Also, we are not responsible for any content linked to and from this website, and explicitly decline any implied legal or medical correctness of the content of this website.

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