September 2015 by Martin Turner  download as PDF here

6th Annual Meeting


Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton @ SeaWorld, Orlando 
December 13th–14th 2015




1700-1900                                                        RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS 1

10 + 5 minutes each

Re-defining memory profile in ALS:A neuropsychological & advanced neuroimaging study
Foteini Christidi (Greece)

Cerebellar changes and their role in symptomology in the ALS-FTD continuum
Michael Hornberger (UK)

Cortical Atrophy Correlates of Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms across the ALS-FTD Continuum
Elena Ratti (USA)

Neuropathological spreading patterns in ALS analyzed by multiparametric MRI analysis
Jan Kassubek (Germany)

Mapping of the cortical origins of the CST and the longitudinal change in ALS
Ricarda Menke (UK)

Whole-body muscle MR as a biomarker of denervation in MND: preliminary results
Thomas Jenkins (UK)

Increased functional connectivity within the sensorimotor resting-state network in ALS: a candidate MEG-based biomarker
Malcolm Proudfoot (UK)

 1900                                                                              CONSORTIA UPDATES

10 + 5 minutes each

Sanjay Kalra (Canada)

Nazem Atassi/Alex Sherman (USA)

Julian Grosskreutz (EU)

NiSALS Projects and Repository
Beatrice Stubendorff (Germany)

2000-                                                                                       DINNER




0830-0930                                                    REPORT AND GOVERNANCE ISSUES

0930-1030                                                          RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS 2

10 + 5 minutes each

Classification of cognitive and behavioral impairments in ALS-patients using fMRI
Dorothee Lule (Germany)

Prediction in individual ALS patients using neuroimaging
Henk Westeneng (Netherlands)

Imaging grey and white matter in different clinical presentations of persons with C9orf72 expansion mutations
Mark-Kay Floeter (USA)

Structural and functional MRI signatures of ALS patients with C9orf72 hexanucleotide repeat expansion
Federica Agosta (Italy)

1030-1100                                                                               COFFEE

1100-1230                                                          RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS 3

10 + 5 minutes each

Frontostriatal and cortico-basal dysfunction in ALS
Peter Bede (Eire)

Longitudinal assessment of neurochemistry in ALS by ultra-high field MR spectroscopy
Ian Cheong (USA)

Assessment of neurodegeneration in ALS using diffusion MRI
Pramod Kumar Pisharady (USA)

Structural brain MRI abnormalities in Kennedy’s disease
Pilar Ferraro (Italy)

Computational modelling of connectome based spread of disease in ALS
Martijn van den Heuvel (Netherlands)

Longitudinal MRI study in ALS: How do different parameters change over time?
Marcondes França Jr. (Brazil)

1230-1330                                                                              LUNCH

1330-1430                                                                            METHODS

15 + 5 minutes each

Crossing fibres
Ricarda Menke (UK)

Multicentric, multiparametric MRI analysis in ALS as a clinical readout
Hans-Peter Müller (Germany)

Quantifying spinal cord atrophy from MRI: a review
Mounir El Mendili (France)

1430-1530                                                                    LOOKING AHEAD